• An interview with...Lord Kitchener


    1)How long have you supported Millwall?: 1975/76 season (first game in 1968 v Dundee pre season friendly)

    2) Why Millwall?: A girlfriends family who were season ticket holders, took me to away games, when we split up all my mates were going home games it went from there.

    3) First Millwall memory? : Walking onto the Cold Blow for the first time.

    4) Most hated rivals? The vermin who else?

    5) Funniest thing seen at Millwall?

    Away at spurs 1977 we were pulling my mates hair. (which resembled straw) As we walked in an escort past the ground he turned round and said “The next fucker that does that I’ll chin him!”. A police horser then had a nibble at him. He didn’t look round he just spun round and swung a haymaker and hit the horse on the nose, he was then chased by the OB on the horse demanding he be nicked.

    6) Best experience with Millwall, non match related?

    Going to Stoke on a coach owned by my mates uncle that looked like it had been nicked from the set of “Holiday oin the Buses” It had the back seats replaced by kitchen units from B & Q and he had made a makeshift bog which was a small oil drum with urinal blocks thrown in it. We were late for the game so when it ws full we opened the back door and emptied it all over a bloke who resembled Terry Thomas and his bird in an open topped sports car. The whole day was a laugh a minute from the moment we set off until we were back in Pub in Sidcup.

    7) Favourite player of all time? Terry Hurlock

    8) Best current player? I suppose for what he’s achieved it has to be Neil Harris

    9) Most cherished Millwall memory?

    The final whistle at Old Trafford as I looked at my son Danny who was 8 at the time, the sheer joy on his face as he said “Dad we’re in the Cup Final” brought a tear to my eyes. Second must be The final whistle at Hull when we won promotion.

    10) Pre and post match routines? As I have my boy with me it’s pretty mundane, Manzes Deptford for Pie n Mash go to the game then go home

    11) Favourite ever kit? The blue shirt with the hoop and white bottom I think Mick Macarthy was manager then.

    12) Who do you go to games with? Home : Danny my son, but meet at the ground with several others, he meets his mates Away: I drive with a mate and his boy

    13) Where do you sit? Season ticket holders East Lower

    14) Favourite manager? Mick McCarthy for his funny aftermatch comments, George Graham for his ability.

    15) Favourite Millwall chant/song? Let ‘em Come

    16) Have you ever seen a game from the North Stand ? Yes V liecester City (2-2 I think) took a load of kids from the football team I was running on a “£1 a kid and £10 an adult” promotion

    17) Did you go on the pitch at the Old Den’s last game? Eventually to get some of the turf to take home.

    18) Do you have any dogs/cats/kids/fish named after players or the Club? No

    19) The club’s biggest problem? The failure to listen to the fans and what they want.

    20) The club’s biggest asset? The regular supporters who go to home games every week


    21) Born? Islington.

    22) Bred? Hackney until aged 10 then Sidcup.

    23) Now? Welling

    24) Soft spot for any other team and why? i look out for Welling Uniteds results, because I live down the road.

    25) What’s your tipple? If any? Home; Merrydown meduim dry cider 7.5%, Drambuie on occasions. At the Pub: Coors

    26) What is your nickname? Don’t have one now

    27) What was the last text you received, who was it from and what did it say?

    “fuck me are you still alive?” from a mate I should have met up with months ago.

    28) Favourite sausage? Porkinson prime pork…..Kelly Brook

    29) Last book read? Just finished “Beyond Reach” by Graham Hurley currently reading “Fever of the Bone” by Val McDermid

    30) Favourite film? I’ve got 3 in no order: Tombstone, The Usual suspects, Glory.

    And finally...

    31) Who last saw you naked? I don’t inflict that on people these days it’s not a pretty site, my missus tends to wear a blindfold.

    32) What is your best word ever? Bollocks

    33) Who would you add to 'the book' and why (celebs only?) russel brand vermin c*nt, and that fucker who sang the wosrt song ever made, “lady in red” chris the burger or something

    34) Kylie or Danni? Danni, but I’d sooner that irish bird in Girls Aloud

    35) Weirdest thing you have eaten? I’ll eat almost anything, I used to raw sausages as a kid, fuck knows why, I’ve eaten raw liver, whelks are weird, I’d say whelks

    36) Can you swim? Yes, but not in the sea as I risked being harpooned by japanese whaling fleets.

    37) Friends - Facebook or phonebook? None. facebook is for people witrh no mates to have a conversation with, fuck know why people think others want to hear about how many times they’ve wiped their arse that day is beyond me.

    38) Wimpy – yes or no? Yes. There’s one in Welling been meaning to use but I keep forgetting its there as it’s round thecorner and not in the main high st.

    I’ve not had one for years, I used to go to one in Lewisham before home games, but that was in the 70’s

    39) Last website you looked other than HoF? CD Wow, HMV

    40) If you had one realistic ‘freebie’ from your other half, who would it be? It would be my wife, no one else. My loyalty to her knows no bounds, …..unless Kelly Brook fancied trying to climb on board, she’d have her work cut out though, and she’d definetly want a blindfold.