• Impressions and ratings at Walsall by Ken Uppnauf 060310

    Thought we were only average today on a gluepot pitch that did no one any favours but still a far better side than Walsall. Even at 0-2 down and before the sending off we still looked to have enough to take the game.

    Their first goal, a breakaway from a ball over the top after we'd got over confident in attacking them, was probably the first time they'd got near our area.
    2nd was a very good finish, although the left side of our defence seemed to have evaporated.

    Byfield got some eye-watering stick when warming up a little too near to the away end but took it well.

    Forde would have been strung up for what their keeper did for our first goal.
    Dunne's goal is a must watch - especially the little band of 5 or so mugs who got up and strutted off with an " i can't watch any more of this" a minute or so earlier.

    Probably a little over generous but:

    Forde...7 did nothing much wrong (one or two dodgy kicks)

    Dunne, 9 very solid all game, tried hard to help Hackett. Goal was blinding (35yds?) and a left footer

    Robinson, 7
    Ward, 7
    Craig, 7 seemed to be missing for their first , breakaway goal but all 3 were sound enough; few odd rickets but nothing too dreadful

    Schofield, 7 Lots of hard work and good movement and control but not much came off today.
    Abdou, 7 worked very hard with a few good saving tackles. OK but not outstanding
    Trotter, 7 Some very good passes when he had time on the ball. Still lumbers around too much for my liking
    Hackett. 7 Found lots of space but struggled on a pudding pitch

    Harris, 9 Excellent for the first half. Won more arial balls than he had a right to. Good control, passing and lay-offs. Couple of close things (one off his back) that trickled past the post and might have gone in another day.

    Morison, 7 Did a lot of hard work without looking especially threatening. Header off the line. Deserved his ridiculous goal for not giving up on an unlikely chance.

    Batt 6 As usual, looked quick and lively but not a finisher. Huge difference between his and Bomber's performance.

    Barron 7 Seemed an odd sub for Ward at first but made sense as Ward was by then unemployed. Tried to make an impact but as much restricted by the pitch as the others.

    Obika Not long enough to make an impression. Surprised it wasn't him rather than Batt on for Bomber earlier.