• An interview with...TEA

    A series of interviews with, to begin with, Hofers, beginning with our resident geek, TEA.


    1)How long have you supported Millwall?: 1979

    2) Why Millwall?: coz my dad supported chelsea

    3) First Millwall memory? : trying to see a game from top floor of tower block on corner of ilderton road when i was about 10, my nan lived on top floor

    4) Most hated rivals? The vermin

    5) Funniest thing seen at Millwall? Some plod falling off his horse at fratton park

    6) Best experience with Millwall, non match related? My first time at Wembley, rat-arsed during the autowankstain cup

    7) Favourite player of all time? hurlock

    8) Best current player? Harris

    9) Most cherished Millwall memory? THAT goal last year

    10) Pre and post match routines? Don’t get to go much now but used to be harrys bar

    11) Favourite ever kit? Fairview home

    12) Who do you go to games with? family

    13) Where do you sit? Whever i can get a seat, favourite is west lower

    14) Favourite manager? Mccarthy (due to the team)

    15) Favourite Millwall chant/song? Id rather be a paki than a scouse

    16) Have you ever seen a game from the North Stand ? just the one vs lisbon

    17) Did you go on the pitch at the Old Den’s last game? yup

    18) Do you have any dogs/cats/kids/fish named after players or the Club? Unless we had a player i missed called stripe-the-guinea-pig, no

    19) The club’s biggest problem? The ethnic make up of the area its in

    20) The club’s biggest asset? us


    21) Born? Lambeth hospital 1965

    22) Bred? Bermondsey and morden

    23) Now?morden

    24) Soft spot for any other team and why? nope

    25) What’s your tipple? If any? Laphroaig single malt

    26) What is your nickname? Tea

    27) What was the last text you received, who was it from and what did it say? My wife,” jedwood rocks”, she is at x-factor live with the kids

    28) Favourite sausage? Holly willoboobies

    29) Last book read? John gribben – schrodingers cat and quantum physics

    30) Favourite film? alien

    And finally...

    31) Who last saw you naked? Mrs tea

    32) What is your best word ever? knobjockey

    33) Who would you add to 'the book' and why (celebs only?)danny dyer again

    34) Kylie or Danni? kylie

    35) Weirdest thing you have eaten? aligator

    36) Can you swim?yes

    37) Friends - Facebook or phonebook?phonebook

    38) Wimpy – yes or no? Wimpy all day

    39) Last website you looked other than HoF? thepiratebay

    40) If you had one realistic ‘freebie’ from your other half, who would it be? This would be holly again ;)
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    1. hurlocksfist -
      Should do this interveiw on a daily basis with all the hof users, could and would be a must read, regards hurlocksfist.
    1. Allypally -
      Agree I would like to know more about the morons on here.
    1. Bird -
      I will make it weekly then - better think of a way of keeping track!
    1. Edster -
      count me in :)
    1. Oxwall-grafting -
      Blimey Tea, i thought i was the only person ever born in Lambeth Hospital, never known anyone else to be born there, same year too mate.
    1. Johnny Dangerously -
      Quote Originally Posted by Oxwall-grafting View Post
      Blimey Tea, i thought i was the only person ever born in Lambeth Hospital, never known anyone else to be born there, same year too mate.
      That makes three of us, although a bit later than you may 1973