• Perhaps, I am not a football fan...by Gunner Brian Gambrill

    I think there is something seriously wrong with me. I have spent the last few decades watching second-rate football (and often third-rate), but I would still rather watch Millwall v Stockport than England v Brazil.

    Part of it, I know, is that I identify with our players and feel that I know them through the way they play and behave on the pitch and info on web sites like this, which is sometimes true. They are not that far away from me and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that, in my younger days, I could have played for Millwall (except for the fact that I wasn’t good enough). The Millwall players probably will not earn much more than me over their working lifetime and most relate positively to the fans and seem to appreciate them in many ways.

    On the other hand, I feel that I have nothing in common with premiership tossers who flaunt their wealth, gamble huge amounts and have trophy bimbo wives. It may be jealousy on my part, but I have no affinity for Terry, Cole, Gerrard and the like. They have no idea or appreciation of how lucky they are. They have left the fans behind in their scramble for money. I despise them and the people who pay ridiculous amounts for average players. I hope Portsmouth does go to the wall to bring a bit of a reality check to the premiershit.

    I have been to Wembley a few times for internationals. Unless you have good seats, you may as well watch the game from a helicopter. The atmosphere is poor. It’s not for me. I would rather stand behind the goal, close to the pitch and enjoy the atmosphere and banter of real ‘Wall fans away at a small third division ground.

    Someone on here asked: England to win the World Cup or Millwall to go up? No contest for me.
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