• A view from the east upper

    Lets not make no bones about it, today was a massive result for us.

    Over the past couples of seasons oppo's like today have caused us no ends of problem, for whatever reason.

    However today the boys never gave and even though there was some pretty lacklustre performances across the park and a stubbon exeter city side who came here to pack the midfield.

    Positives, the defence looked sound through out and was only really worried by the anorak loanee Fleetwood who really gave them their only attacking threat. Morison and Harris also worked even though some of their finishing at points was pretty woeful and were faced with a keeper 'having one of them days'.

    Negatives, Batty boy looked out of his depth on the left flank and left tony craig exposed at times. Trotter has been a lucky omen for us since he has joined and shows some nice touches but I honestly do not see what he adds to the team that fuseini, laird or even fucking Bolder does not. But thats my opinion.

    Forde - 7
    Dunne - 7
    Robinson - 6
    Ward - 7
    Criag - 6

    Hackett - 7
    Abdou - 7
    Trotter - 4
    Batt - 5

    Morison - 7
    Harris - 6


    Barron - 7
    Obika - 5
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    1. PerryWall -
      Too hard on the Trott mark mate, he won some important headers in midfield in the second half.
    1. Gazza -
      I know we all see it different, can't believe you've marked Trotter as a 4 and Hackett as a 7!