• Strange game - Oldham 0 Millwall 1 - 23.01.10 by Ken Uppnauf

    As Peche says, Oldham had 6/7 chances first half, at least 3 of which they should have buried, although Forde didn't have to save any of them.
    Yet I didn't think our defence was playing that badly.

    The penalty was bizarre to say the least.
    They had cleared an attack and the ball and 18 players were 60yds away near our area as Gregan and Morison got to their feet near the edge of the area. Didn't look like anything was said beforehand but Gregan grabbed Morison by the throat, with the lino still in line with them.
    Seemed like an age, with the lino transfixed and play going on at our end and then he raised his flag. Even then is was a shock to see the pen given.

    Although Harris scored it, the hero was really Morison because he didn't re-act or retaliate but just raised his hands to the lino.
    I'm sure harris and almost anyone else would have pushed back on Gregan and the scen would have been ignored or more likely Morison booked.

    As bad as we were today, Oldham were worse and didn't have enough to take advantage of our attempts to let them back into the game.
    It was an awful, scrappy game that was made slightly surreal by the fog, the bookings, the penalty and the delapidation of Boundary park.
    Plenty of noise and singing from the 250(?) who made it up and 3 welcome points but we'd be stuffed with a performance like that another day.
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    1. Gazza -
      Football League One - KO 15:00
      Oldham 0 (0) - 1(0) Millwall
      Harris 57 (p)
      At Boundary Park on 23-01-2010

      Oldham: Brill ,Gregan ,Hazell ,Jacobson ,Goodwin ,Taylor ,Furman ,Stephens ,Parker (Eaves ,84 ) ,Smalley ,Abbott (Brooke ,70)Subs not used: Whitaker,Lee,Black,Ollerenshaw,Marrow,

      Millwall: Forde ,Robinson ,Smith ,Craig ,Darren Ward ,Trotter ,Abdou ,Martin ,Schofield ,Harris (Grabban ,59(Price ,83 )) ,Morison Subs not used Barron,Sullivan,Fuseini,Laird,Dunne,

      Bookings: Gregan (Oldham) Craig ,Darren Ward ,Martin ,Morison ,Schofield ,Smith (Millwall)

      Attendance: 3,656
      Referee: A Haines (Tyne & Wear)
    1. Dan R -
      Having seen the FL programme, there is no question that it was a penalty. The only thing odd in my mind is how the ref did not give it originally! While the camera follows the play we do not see what happens next (with Gregan throttling Morison), but it is absolutley clear that Gregan wrestles Morison to the floor when we were attacking in the first place. It was the right decision....perhaps for the wrong reasons though!
    1. Ken Uppnauff -
      Didn't see them clash in our attack at the time so couldn't fathom why Gregan lost it after. But it was a nailed on pen even for just the second throttling attempt.
      Hoping that bit is on some highlights - maybe the regional version.
    1. Peche -
      Morison was on the floor holding his head having been fouled by Gregan. The play moved up the pitch and as Gregan jogged past Morison he put his foot out and tripped Gregan up. That's why he turned around and started to throttle him. The ref didn't see it and it looked like the lino was going to ignore it until Harris had a go at him and he then decided to raise his flag.
      this system is rubbish