• "To be or not to be - that is the question"

    It certainly is the question down at the Den with regards to the signing of Theo Robinson, the 20 year old Huddersfield Town striker. Rumours have been flying around all weekend saying that the player, who turns 21 on Friday, hasn't settled up north and is keen on a move back south, with Millwall being his preferred destination.

    Rumours across various fan sites have suggested that it is virtually a done deal, with a fee agreed between the two clubs estimated to be around 175,000.00 - 250,000.00, and that confirmation will arrive on Monday. Well with supporting Millwall for all these years this reporter has come to learn that nothing is as straightforward as that but it still hasn't kept him scouring the fan sites. like many other fans today, and staring anxiously at his phone just in case. At least those in control of the offical text service at Millwall seem to have a sense of humour as whenever there's the hint of a signing we are sure to get an official text. Unfortunately for Millwall fans these official texts are never usually to confirm signings, and sure enough whilst waiting for an official text today it finally arrived to tell us Gary Alexander is out injured for 3 months!

    As the day begins to draw to an end I begin to wonder if this signing will happen or whether it is just another internet rumour. Will Huddersfield want to sell a striker who is young, pacey and promising, and who has bagged 9 goals for them in just 8 start so far this season? If rumours are true though and the striker does want to move down south will they stand in his way or let them move and will Millwall really pay that sort of fee? If Millwall don't sign him will they turn their attentions to other targets who have also been rumoured lately like Joe Garner and John Paul McGovern? I guess the next few days will tell whether this is "to be or not to be!"
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    1. ChickenWrap -
      Looks like it was a few months in the end - good call!