TEA has worked exceptionally hard to get the board up and running, and to get it as HoFlike as possible.

    There are a few teeny little things need fiddling with as they release new versions of it but it is as done as it can be.

    Couple of things:

    1) Don't take the piss and register as someone else's name.

    2) Banned people are still banned - register if you like but we will just ban you again as soon as you are rumbled.

    3) There are two threads at the top of CC - one for general queries like 'how do I wipe my arse' (entitled 'How do I wipe my arse?') and one for 'I have tried to wipe my arse but when I press the button my ears explode' (entitled 'Constructive critisism') type questions. Please stick to those threads otherwise the new board will be full of tossy questions.

    4) You all get a blog. Ha ha.

    5) We are in the process of copying old articles etc over - if anyone feels like helping for half an hour before the end of the month I would be v grateful.

    6) Later.

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    1. harry c -
      Well done
    1. delboy2525 -
      Needs getting used to.
    1. SCOTT -
      How to number 5?
    1. leweslion -
      Thanks for all the hard work TEA